Drahtverarbeitung Prei▀ler GmbH

We manufacture floral wires for florist´s wholesale, workshops and handicrafts as well as for Christmas decoration.


Drahtverarbeitung Preißler GmbH - our production facility, warehouse and office building

Spinning of floral wires was founded and invented by Mr. Heinrich Täubert.

Our company manufactures floral wires for florists, flower companies, workshops and handicrafts. Our product range includes silver, copper and brass wires, fastening

and binding wires, staples as well as kantilles.

Laying of the foundation stone for our new manufacturing facility in the industrial estate


Since 1891 the main focus of our production has been the processing of and with wire

1891     founded as a wire spinning mill
1947 “Drahtziehgemeinschaft GmbH” ( Wire – Drawer – Association Inc.)
1958 merging the companies „Täuber KG“ and „Drahtgemeinschaft GmbH“
to the new company “Drahtwerke Sebnitz KG” (“Wire Manufactuer Sebnitz Ltd”)
1972 change of name to “Drahtwerke Sebnitz” (Wire Manufactuer Sebnitz)
1974 Consolidation „Drahtwerke Sebnitz“ and „VEB Kunstblume Sebnitz“
(manufacturer of artificial flowers in Sebnitz)
1991 Reprivatisation to „Drahtverarbeitung Erhard Preissler GmbH“
( Wire Processing Erhard Preissler Inc.)
Since 01.04.1999 Drahtverarbeitung Preißler GmbH
01.04.2000 Relocation to a new production facility
2007 Expanding of our production facility and warehouse, office building and industrial selling (ex factory)
(expansion to approx. 4000 m² )
Since 01.01.2009 take-over of the company „Drahtverarbeitung Erhard Preissler Inc. Neuburg”
(full production is now based in Sebnitz)
Since 01.01.2009 Managers are now Gunter and Holger Preissler

Firma Drahtverarbeitung Preißler GmbH Sebnitz (Wire Processing Erhard Preissler Inc.) -  history

Drahtverarbeitung Preißler GmbH · Walther-Wolff-Str. 7 · 01855 Sebnitz