Drahtverarbeitung Prei▀ler GmbH

We manufacture floral wires for florist´s wholesale, workshops and handicrafts as well as for Christmas decoration.



  • Colour range: green, brown, red, blue, bright pink, violet, olive-green, gold, black, rose-red, silver, copper, lemon, neon-green, pink, lilac, turquoise, yellow, champagne, lime-green, sky-blue
    Colour range


  • Number 1 - 13: Colour range: gold, silver, copper
  • Number 14 - 18: Colour range: red, green and blue


  • per metre, per 50g or 100g bag or per kg

Drahtverarbeitung Preißler GmbH · Walther-Wolff-Str. 7 · 01855 Sebnitz