Drahtverarbeitung Prei▀ler GmbH

We manufacture floral wires for florist´s wholesale, workshops and handicrafts as well as for Christmas decoration.


Flower-Hair, gold


  • colour range: gold, silver, copper, silver-copper, gold- copper, silver- gold, red, blue, green,
    black, brown, violet, rose-red, lilac, royal-blue, neon-green, sky-blue, turquoise, lime-green,
    rose-coloured, pink

Lametta, gold

Tinsel metallic curly

  • colour range: gold, silver, copper, gold-copper, silver-copper, silver-gold, red, green, violet,
    brown, black, rose-red, lilac, royal-blue, neon-green, sky-blue, turquoise, rose-coloured, pink
Flower-Hair mit Lametta, rot mit silber

Flower-Hair with tinsel

  • colour range: red-silver, red- gold, blue-silver, blue-gold, brown-silver, brown-gold,
    green-silver, green-gold, black-silver, , black-gold, violet-silver, violet-gold, rose-red and silver,
    rose-red and gold, lilac-silver, lilac-gold, royal-blue and silver, royal-blue and gold,
    rose-coloured and silver, rose-coloured and gold, neon-green and silver, neon-green and gold,
    sky-blue and silver, sky-blue and gold, turquoise-silver, turquoise-gold, lime-green and silver,
    lime-green and gold, pink and silver, pink and gold

Flower-Hair im Beutel


12 Glaskugeln, gefüllt mit Flower-Hair

clear glass balls

  • available in the same colour range as tinsel
  • packing1: 12 clear glass balls, gefüllt mit Flower Hair und 25 Schnellaufhängern

  • packing1: 1 Box mit 12 clear glass balls, gballs filled with Flower-Hair, 25 hangers
    and 1 box tinsel (250g)

  • complete Christmas decoration for one Christmas tree up to 1 metre

FlowerHair serves as decoration for florists, window-dressing design jewellery and design decoration ('angel's hair')

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